Ive done all the experimenting ....So YOU dont have to.

in an attempt to clear up some confusion.

Truck spacing = 1999 up Silverado 

Fbody spacing = 1998-2002 Camaro Firebird

oh and GTOs

LS3= 2010 up Camaro

please read!!! The more you know about your options the better.

I know it's somewhat confusing. Custom front runner kits for the masses is a challenge. Most builds are different. You will not be able to buy anything from me that will not work.
I handle all orders.

99 percent of my kits come with belts.
This keeps you from running back and forth to do R and D for someone else.

This being said, its part of the reason for lots of questions.

What water pump are you planning on running? The water pump is the basis of your front runner. GM made a lot of water pumps for a reason. And I modified some myself....

We now offer the Rebel water pump (Modified LS3 water pump) has easy to mount ears, it lines up with a fbody tensioner. Now its Harrison High Mount friendly.)

Size alternator? regular size 105 Amp alternator is smaller than an old gm with built in regulator and the  larger one 145A is much bigger 

Fbody water pump or freestyle water pump with 3/4 spacer kit is still considered truck spacing.

High mount or low mount A/c? If your build allows for low mount A/c a nice set up is a LS3 Water pump and a 2000 corvette tensioner. and LSSimple.

Lots of the older chevy trucks have no room for low mount a/c and other frame intrusive builds or just for a cleaner look...Theres Harrison High Mount. 

A nice high mount a/c combo for truck spacing is a fbody water pump or freestyle (for driver top hose) and 3/4 spacer kit (added steam vent on passenger side adapter.) and LSSimple.

LSSimple allows for low profile intakes. It moves alternator over and down and power steering pump from a truck in towards the block.

.Desired spacing? Your donor should already have a truck balancer but if you have tight room in front of the engine you can change to Fbody spacing. Change balancer and we sell fbody spacing kits.

Electric fans? Truck water pumps have clutch fans none of the other do.

All these questions have an effect on your build.Its all relevant.

It would be a lot easier to sell without belt, or make what you get work but to me it's a cop out.

Customers, most of the time are weekend warriors that specialize in other fields. The best kit is a kit that fits and requires no additional parts.

LSSimple works with all water pumps and alternators.

Pictured is LSSimple truck spacing with LS3 water pump and 2000 corvette tensioner.

My concern is not just sell kits but kits you can expand on.

If you want to start with basic LSSimple $225.00 and later plan on high mount A/c $400.00 

Start with a water pump that can be expanded.
That's any except the LS3.
When you combo, price of LSSimple drops $25.00

A Truck water pump, or if your going fbody spacing, use fbody water pump or freestyle. Just use corresponding tensioner or the Rebel and a fbody tensioner.

Pictured LSSimple with freestyle water pump. Fbody spacing.Electric fan used

Pictured Truck water pump and LSSimple and harrison high mount. Clutch fan or electric fan.

Pictured truck factory brackets with Harrison high mount.

Pictured factory Fbody accessories with harrison high mount.

I don't sell a high mount A/c system that squeaks or wears out a belt premature.

Short distance between belt=got to be within 100000 to be correct. Spacers are standard aircraft aluminum solid. 
The center is drilled to washer tolerance and if a pulley is mounted a register is cut and a steel cap used and topped off with what I call a hub cap for the bearing, black powder coated fender washer. Outer skin is machined for consistent product.

You can pick up the engine by the a/c idler snout.
I've done it.Its our cover picture.

I've put my kits on with a 1/2 inch impact gun. Lol
Hence the steel register caps.

I didn't start like this it's has been a constant quest to LS the world.

If you do DBW, the early Caddy will not work with Harrison high mount. It has a long snout on the actual motor part and interferes with bushings.

Later DBW and low profile intake require the removal of cooling lines under the throttle valve when using fbody or freestyle water pump and 3/4 spacer kit. 

Low profile intakes don't like truck water pumps. 07 up silverado fair better ,if you do DBW you have to do creative plumbing.

Drive by cables are fine 
and later Vette that has the motor off to drivers side.

Pictured is popular reverse stock manifold set up.

Pictured is passenger alternator $200.00 with drivers side idler assembly $100.00

Purchased together comes with belt.

I would rather miss out on a sale than to sell something that is not 100 what you need. My suggestions are only that, suggestions. I continue to improve on my kits and expand options. 

It's easier to sell one way one spacing and sell someone everything again just because the build changed. 
That is not the LSsimple way. 

Zero buyer remorse ,100 % satisfaction and top of line parts and service....always!
If for any reason you have a problem with your purchase, I assure you, you will not have to hunt for us.
Quality sells.

LSSimple man
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