Bobs 5.3 fox body build 


1) Car is 91 Ford Mustang with stock v-8 K member and stock hood. I used offset bushings in rack for more steering shaft clearance.


2) Engine is 5.3 with 4L60 E transmission. I got the engine from A wrecked Silverado . engine, transmission, wiring harness, compressor, and pedal were modified to accommodate tire and rear end ratio.


3) Radiator came from LSSimple. I put senders rad- Tank Sender are Ford oil and water.

I used 98 up v-6 Camaro Elect fans 


4) Engine mount are retro mounts along with ’04 Mustang 4.6 engine mounts. Engine mounts have slots. I slid engine back as far as it would go for the oil pan clearance to K member.


5) Exhaust manifolds are pass side 2002 Camaro driver’s side 2010 camaro manifold. I had to do a little work on it to provide clearance.


6) Got accessory brackets, and compressor from LSSimple ready to put on out of the box,and works great.


7) Power steering pump is factory Truck. Since its a ford rack you have to lower pressure. Borgoson kit does the trick. 


8) I used Walbro 255  fuel pump and 33100 (5-10) Filter Regulator with this pump needs Russul check valve to hold fuel to injector.

Alternative fuel system available in ABCs of LS Swaps....


9) Used stock 5.3 injectors they need the little hats to make taller so height match LS1 fuel rail and intake manifold to clear hood. Be sure to take tips off injectors (funnel cap),this lets injectors seat in manifold. 


10) Fuel tank stock. I pulled pump out, extend tube to bottom less 3/8” used gas strainer on tube use same return.  Used 3/8 hard line to LS1 fuel rail-short rubber hose


11) Oil pan use CTS caddy.


12) On torque convertor lock control, I used GM brake-cruise control switch standard #STI-515131. 7.85 put it in pedal frame where ford vacuum switch for cruise was hard to put in but can done.


13) Drive shaft used, mustang drive shaft with GM yoke on front had 5/8” clearance front bottoming out yokes may vary


14) floor shifter, floor Shifting arm comes down on driver side/ welded 1/4x1 ½ bar flat across to passenger side use bar 4 universal cable made tab bracket to fasten cable housing to trans and made small bracket on driver side engine block bell housing and adjust and get shifter to “0” on indication alignment on shifter, ground gates out of shifter and let trans index it self shifter and trans has different gates.


15) On mounting computer, I put mine in driver side inter fender.


16) I got all gauges hooked up to chevy engine including engine light, oil, water , oil pressure is at CTS fitting in driver side oil pan.



I used 5.0 tack 7000 rpm tried 4 cyl tachometer 1000 rpms off 

I adjusted v-8 tachometer with 2 small pots on back of tack they got with in 200 rpms at 3000 close enough for daily driver dead on at idle 



The dryer hose comes with dryer I cut it and added a o ring  metric fitting heated metal part turned 90 deg and down. The other line from condensor is stock with o ring end silver soldered. Had an a/c shop do the ends .

This was my first LS Swap and Murphy recommend LSSimple low mount and Harrison high mount with freestyle water pump.

It fit perfectly.


Along with a now great little car I met a new friend.

After all... Isn't that what it's all about.

He helped me, now I hope I helped you!

Robert Chandler newest member LS nuts of LSSimple 

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