REUSE the truck accessories you already have from your pull out.
Custom Truck accessory relocation brackets you design from the many options we carry.
call phone number 678-453-8178 to spec out your build or Email 
All kits come pre-assembled..

Welcome to LSSimple. Best solution to install your LS truck engine into other vehicles.

We have redesigned kits and website to be more user friendly....

Having trouble shutting your hood with the factory bracket? Want to use a car intake and belt got you stumped?

A simple pre-assembled custom LSSimple kit with solve your troubles.

Reuse truck accessories you got with your take out..

Reuse truck accessories you got with your take out..

We do not sell, one kit to fit all...we sell all kits to fit one.

Please keep in mind all the combinations are not to confuse you. All kits pre- assembled for easy installation.

truck spacing or f-body spacing using truck accessories.

I RECOMMEND truck spacing unless you have clearance issues in front of the engine. That way you do not have to change crank pulley.

If you are confused about what you need I will spec out your bracket needs and help you with water pump combinations.

INTRODUCTORY kit starts at $225.00

$ave money by not buying wrong parts, its not supposed to be an experiment. its all relevant! water pump is the basis of your build. Keep in mind a fbody water pump and 3/4 spacer kit is still considered truck spacing.

belt sizes differ when using different tensioners. Size alternator matters for belt size. regular size 105 Amp alternator factory Gm has Delphi automotive on it and 145A has DR44 on it.

Truck engine with fbody water pump and 3/4 spacer kit. using fbody intake

with GTO covers that we modified

dress it up how you like it