LSSimple is a family owned business. Ran by me a retired salvage yard owner. Ive sold used parts my whole career and used to enjoy it. Cars were simpler and production date, made in North America or Mexico and all the crazy things that you have to know now to sell parts was not a factor, 

I've been spending my time putting LS engines in old cars. Frustrated when I could not run a low profile intake on them and clean them up, I began my quest to re use the plentiful truck accessories. First i had a triangle plate and chopped off half the bracket. It worked but looked hokie. Then I came up with LSSimple. Reuses all truck parts and relocates them nice and tight to the engine. So tight in fact it works on S-10 trucks and reverse manifold turbo set ups. 

LSSimple is expandable.

if you are on a budget and want to get going fast. LSSimple is $225 with free shipping. It comes with fbody spacing or truck spacing. Depends on balancer you opt to go with. I offer high mout solution that uses a GM compressor, not a foreign car one. Easy to adapt popular hose connections. You can convert to A/C A and N fitting. Screw on type. Or use GM hose set.

I demand quality and service and thats what I give.

I enjoy dealing with all the different combos LS swaps present. Its like Im back selling 1978 Cutlass rearends. lol

Simple stuff. Ill leave all the crazy 500 question parts to the young guys. LS Simples the way to go. 

Thank you