ABC's of LS Swaps

I wanted to share this, it's helped me with low cost LS swaps. Keep in mind a lot of it pertains to basic truck engines not real high hp swaps.
Those of you that are experts please don't be offended by the simplicity.

This is a brief summary of inexpensive methods of LS Swap. Take it for what it's worth. 

Get your donor engine. Keep in mind if you want to do drive by wire 2003-2006 work best or drive by cable. 1999-2002 not exact years but narrows it down. 
Buy your LSSimple accessory bracket kit!
LSSimple make it where you don't have to worry about hood clearance and you can put a LS1 intake etc on it. It moves the alternator over and down and factory power steering pump closer to the block.
Power steering fittings swap

Most LS conversions are old school swaps
Reuse your engine stands and buy our engine mount kit. 
Most old gms use the three bolt triangle mount.

Mount just the engine. Then mount the transmission. I recommend for the automatic to use a 4L60e.
Lots of times you can modify your transmission crossmember. If not there are plenty of kits on line. 
4L60e has same yolk as 350 700r4
Make sure you have pinion angle right. Everything level 1/2 bubble.

There are lots of rewire services on eBay. Send your harness and computer tell them what kinds of mods etc. it will get you close till you can tune. This is a TIMELY process, I recommend getting on it soon as you figure out your best options.
You will be surprised of the few electrical connection you have to make to your car for the stand alone harness. Only two plugs are the same.Cam sensor and crank sensor. They are far enough away from each other so it will be hard to confuse them.

Most LS swaps already have a nice radiator.reuse it. I like to use 1993 up Camaro radiator fans. V6 and V8 same O. They are good pullers. Wire together both fans wire to relay trigger from computer. 
Or wire to switched wire thru a relay.

The LSSimple kit along with a LS3 (water pump 2010 Camaro 6.2) and tensioner pt # 305337 is a clean set up. It makes quick work of top radiator hose. 
Good top hose to modify is pt# 71576
Bottom hose can be taken from donor vehicle or pt# 71428
It's hot rodding be creative. Preformed hoses look nice!

Now for the notorious steam vent. 
You can do whatever you want but when a new radiator is not in the budget and you want a quick solution this works. T off the large 3/4 heater hose at the highest part near heater core. 
Many people dispute this but smh
When filling your engine an easy way is to remove top radiator hose at radiator put a funnel in it raise it up and fill with coolant till it comes out radiator. Replace hose and fill through radiator cap. A recovery jug is recommended. Get a generic one from NAPA they are cheap and have a nice black not red cap. Red caps fade to pink

When dealing with the drive shaft. If your old one is too long you are in business. Carefully measure and take to a drive shaft place. If you don't have one remover it cheaper to go to a salvage yard buy one a little long and shorten.

I'm sure I lost a lot of y'all at "I wanted to share" but if you read this maybe just one thing will help.
There are lots of ways to go about swaps, could be the simplest way is the best.
Thank everyone for ordering from me and I hope to continue to help solve the riddles that some cars / trucks present.